Everyday Miracles

Everyday MiraclesDuring times of stress, it’s easy to forget that miracles can happen.  Miracles are natural and they occur everyday to ‘ordinary’ people around the planet.  When we’re not experiencing our own miracles, it’s because we have disconnected from our higher selves.  As old structures and forms crumble all around us (namely government and the economy), fear often runs rampant.  And yet, there’s unlimited energy and extraordinary support for healing and expansion.

4 Ways to Create Miracles

  1. Start Your Day Right:  Each day provides the opportunity to choose between thoughts and feelings that add to your energy or deplete it.  In the morning your mind is open, expanded and receptive to change.  Start by saying “Thank You” each morning when you first wake up.  Focus on the things you want for the day and your life.  Envision positive outcomes and cultivate wonderful feelings.
  2. Limit Exposure to Toxic Media:  Time is valuable.  Don’t waste it listening to sensationalism being piped through various media outlets and ‘expert’ personalities. The media induces anxiety and suppresses joy.  Just because prime time doesn’t cover good news, doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful things taking place all over the world.
  3. Rise Above Fear & Doubt:  Fear wreaks havoc on our body’s chemistry, mental creativity, intuition and clarity of thought.  When you catch yourself being fearful – stop!  Take a step back, take a deep breath, center yourself and know that there’s always a higher plan.  Feeling good expands our perception of reality, allowing us to see new solutions and make conscious decisions.
  4. Practice Forgiveness:  The moment you notice all the uncomfortable sensations that arise when you’re angry, frustrated or fearful – stop!  Forgive yourself for getting irritated.  Send love to people that annoy you.  This can be very difficult for most, but the rewards are totally worth it.  As we get better and better at forgiveness and sending love, negative emotions dissipate.  Perceived ‘bad situations’ end up resolving themselves or disappear altogether.

When you see the highest good for yourself and other people, you are sending out positive intentions that benefit the world.  Know that these positive visions have an impact.  Your highest vision can change circumstances for the better.  Open your heart and mind to allow miracles.  Remember that miracles are natural and all you need to do is get out of the way and allow them in.  Look for positive shifts, goodness and quietly say “Thank You” everyday.

How do you create miracles for yourself and others?  Share your thoughts below!

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