Collective Consciousness & Co-Creation

Collective ConsciousnessTrue freedom for all individuals within our global society will only come when the love of truth and trust in our spiritual nature far exceeds our fears.  Today, the immediate concern is whether or not humanity is ready to move into its greatest freedom by unplugging from the illusions of external structures that no longer serve.  Now more than ever, people need to take charge of their lives rather than relying on external control factors like government, Wall Street and big business.

Our Shared Outer World

Many people often dismiss confronting the serious challenges of our world.  This includes the lies that are often perceived to be in our best interest.  These lies are propagated by the power brokers of our global civilization.  Profit agendas have infiltrated every aspect of society and created a false reality that is disconnected from wholeness and a healthy balance.  Whether it’s allowing the infiltration of genetically modified  foods (GMOs) to destabilize our health or standing by while armed forces interfere in the social and political development of other countries, we have allowed those who seek power and profit to manipulate our perceptions.

The Illusion of Personal Freedoms

If the people allowed themselves to look more closely, what they’d soon realize is that true democracy is dead.  There’s only enough window dressing to keep the masses quiet and in denial.  Even the champion of hope, Barack Obama, has renewed the provisions of The Patriot Act, thereby killing any hope of giving back some personal liberties to the American people.  George Bush Jr. (Republican) taketh and Barack Obama (Democrat) taketh yet again.  One wonders if the American two party system isn’t just two sides of the same coin.  In fact, it’s becoming more apparent that they are.

It’s Time to Wake Up

To clarify, it’s not about being angry at government.  It’s not about protesting Wall Street or big business.  Despite the fact that these institutions have placed short-term profits above global harmony, true compassion and sustainability, they are merely a reflection of our mass denial.  Mass denial runs deep within the human collective psyche.  And we humans are notorious for injuring ourselves in a tragic attempt to heal unconscious traumas.  We all co-created this reality.  We need to wake up and refocus our energy and attention.  How do we want to shape this reality moving forward?

Conscious Co-Creation

We are at the most important collective moment ever on our planet.  We are co-creating a reality based directly on our level of consciousness.  In fact, the world is a direct reflection of our inner state.  In order to fix anything in the outer world, we must first heal it within ourselves.  Otherwise, the attempt will be ineffective.  When the recognition inside of us is denied (our true nature), the energy expressed is fear and reactivity.  As a result, the world becomes more polarized and chaotic.  Focus on love, light and wisdom.  Be mindful in thought, words and daily interactions.  Let’s co-create a beautiful world for all.

Are you still asleep or in denial about the world we live in?  How can a small change in your own perceptions impact your reality?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Mitra Samiyi says:

    It is absolutely true “change yourself to change the world” one by one. The higher consciousness is achieved by awakening an inner energy, an engine that was programmed and embedded from birth in the sacrum bone area according to the eastern wisdom. By awakening this energy which is through one’s strong desire for unity or yoga, you’ll get your self realization. This process, this moment is the start of the transformation you are hungered for. Try it and you’ll be amazed!

    • Thank you for the comment, Mitra! It’s true… We are co-creating a reality based directly on our level of consciousness with the world as a direct reflection of our inner state (as within, so without / as above, so below). In order to fix anything in the outer world, we must first heal it within ourselves – one person at a time. Love and light, Mitra!

  2. Samir Sasani says:

    The time for the new era is approaching, however, regardless the purpose of life remains the same. To better ourselves, better the world, know our creator and love our creator.

    Since the beginning of civilization there have been challenges, it’s no different now. Only now we are at a crossroads at which will still inevitably lead to world peace.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Samir. Our journey is definitely one of personal growth. It’s also a journey through which our service to others assists in their development as well. By working together at this level of evolution (what some call the ‘Earth School’), we co-create a world where peace and harmony are commonplace. It’s a world where humanity lives harmoniously with nature and all life on the planet is respected and considered sacred. I believe that humanity will ultimately achieve these goals. Love and light, Samir! 🙂

  3. Kay says:

    These truths slip easy off the tongue. Our fight against ‘ourselves’ is a war worth the pain. Hopefully, we can all win together. Light and love.

    • Thanks for the comment Kay! I like to think of this transition as more of a journey towards higher consciousness rather than a fight or battle with the external world. Seeing what’s happening in the world today gives us contrast and allows us to put our focus on what we wish to see happen within our shared experience on this planet (the Earth School). Love and light to you!

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