The Endless Search for Divine Guidance

Religions and Spiritual Traditions

Today, we live in a spiritually complex world. Personal values and belief systems are constantly questioned and reexamined. While there are both individual and universal reasons for this perpetual shift in awareness, the bottom line often gets overlooked. What is the bottom line? First, realize that when it comes to your spiritual development, there’s no […]

2012 Conscious Awakening

2012 Conscious Awakening

The Ancient Mayan calendar speaks of the end of times as we know it and the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for the planet, humanity, and the cosmos. Mayan elders say that the Ancients were informing the modern world to be ready for a giant transformation of the human race at this time. […]

Remember to Be Thankful

Remember to be Thankful

Being thankful is something that we all have to work at, especially during the holidays. The holidays can be a very hectic time of year. As a result, getting our hearts and minds to be reflective and thankful can prove to be quite challenging. Being thankful is a state of mind worth developing. It cultivates […]

Collective Consciousness & Co-Creation

Collective Consciousness

True freedom for all individuals within our global society will only come when the love of truth and trust in our spiritual nature far exceeds our fears.  Today, the immediate concern is whether or not humanity is ready to move into its greatest freedom by unplugging from the illusions of external structures that no longer […]

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

One of the surest ways to achieve our own success is through giving.  Almost anyone can contribute money.  The truly affluent person, however, is one who can give of themselves, their time and energy for the betterment of the world.  In doing so, we enrich ourselves beyond measure.  Many people would agree that the holiday […]

Create a Habit of Gratitude


During the holiday season, many people reflect back over the past year and take stock of their lives and accomplishments.  If the previous year proves to be personally gratifying and/or financially successful, it is one to be grateful for.  If fraught with issues concerning family, friends, jobs, income and other matters of importance, it’s easy […]