Mythology of Feminism: From College to Career

Mythology of Feminism from College to CareerFeminist, get over thyself! There’s never been another time in human history where women, particularly in Western countries, have had it so damned easy. The ever-growing mental illness, known as ‘liberal feminism’, has transformed the female consciousness into a twisted sense of self-proclaimed victimization. It stems from misleading data about wage gaps, the West’s supposed rape culture, and other studies that pin men as the sole source of society’s evils. Let’s set the record straight.

Feminism on College Campuses

The climate on college campuses has gotten out of control. This is where the myth of oppressed and marginalized women is drilled into the young, impressionable minds of students. Young women are taught that they’re vulnerable in a patriarchal world, morally superior to men, and deserve special protections as well as privileges to level the playing field (a.k.a. “The Princess Mentality”). This anti-male, anti-nature Marxist narrative permeates gender studies (a.k.a. ‘women’s studies’). It attributes all cultural ills to the evils of masculinity while denying any significant biological basis to natural gender differences.

The Mantra: Don’t teach students how to think but what to think in order to drive a revolution. Based on their own misconceptions, many professors / instructors feel it’s their right and responsibility to train, not teach, students how to think and feel about women in society today.

The result of this brainwashing (there’s no other way to define it) is a superiority complex in most young women and inferiority complex in most young men.

Women in the Workplace

Despite the support of law, most feminists today still seem to be under the grand illusion that inequality exists within the workplace – primarily in the form of wage gaps. Women allegedly make only 78 cents per every dollar that a man earns. Does anyone remember The Equal Pay Act of 1963? That’s right ladies! In 1963, this act came to pass as law. I’ll repeat… Equal pay became law in 1963. That’s over 50 years ago. Those employers who do not adhere to the laws concerning gender and equal compensation risk penalties including fines and imprisonment. Confirming logical point, if companies could save 30% on overhead by hiring primarily female employees and executives… they would.

The truth of the matter is, the majority of women tend to study and move into lower paying professions by their own choice. That said, women comprise 63% of college students / graduates. Young, single, and childless women out earn their male counterparts by 8%. All said, if you want to close the alleged wage gap… Change your major from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering.

Women as Entrepreneurs

Did you know that women hold only 5.5% of all commercial patents while 94.5% are held by men? This can be tangibly measured via organizations such as The United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as The National Bureau of Economic Research. Now, before you start crying foul and bashing men by blaming them for this gender gap, read on.

Using the National Survey of College Graduates, we find only 7% of the gap is accounted for by women’s lower probability of holding any science or engineering degree. Women who hold such degrees are scarcely more likely to patent than women without. Differences among those without a science or engineering degree account for 15%, while 78% is accounted for by differences among those with a science or engineering degree. For the latter group, we find that women’s underrepresentation in engineering and in jobs involving development and design explain much of the gap; closing it would increase U.S. GDP per capita by 2.7%.

The bottom line here… women are making the decision to not pursue these areas of expertise. They’re not being influenced by men to opt out, quite the contrary. Our society encourages women to pursue these scientific and engineering degrees / fields. So why then, do most women opt out of them? To date, I have yet to hear a compelling reason on behalf of feminists and their organizations.

Feminism Complex?

For those of you who claim that the subject of feminism is a complex one, it really isn’t. When you look more closely at the real facts, rather than the distorted exaggerations, you find that equality between the genders is alive and well. Share your thoughts below!

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