How to Handle Criticism

CriticismToday more than ever, it’s important for people to own their lives.  Success or failure is a conscious decision we make on a daily basis.  Some people get tripped up when criticized by others for their decisions, actions and opinions.  When you are in charge of your life and things are going well, it’s easy for others to notice your success.  For people who feel that their own lives don’t measure up, it’s easy for them to criticize successful people.  The ‘trick’ is not to fall into the trap of what others think.

Success is Personal

Success comes in various forms.  What makes one person successful may not hold true for someone else.  Whatever the form, it’s important to continue making conscious decisions that keep us moving along our own unique path towards success.  There is no right or wrong.  There are only the decisions we make for ourselves.  And, these decisions do not apply to anyone else.  However, when someone is successful, everything about them gets noticed.  This often opens the door for others to criticize.  Stay true to yourself and learn how to handle the criticism constructively.

Tips to Handle Criticism

  1. Know Your True Self:  Only you can live your life.  Nobody else can live it for you.  By acknowledging your passions and goals, you can take proper steps towards their fulfillment.
  2. Be Open to Change:  There are times when criticism can be used as a tool for personal growth.  Sometimes the truth that sets us free is the same truth we would rather not admit about ourselves.  When you receive criticism, analyze the source and intention.  Try not to be defensive.  Determine if the criticism holds any nuggets of truth.  Then, make any necessary changes that allow you learn, grow and take the high road.
  3. Accept Who You Are:  This includes the strengths as well as the weaknesses.  The easiest thing to be is you.  The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be.  Embrace yourself and all the things that make you unique.  This is when you truly begin to flourish.
  4. Move with Confidence:  If you worry too much about what other people think of you, it’s because you have more confidence in their opinion than you have in your own.  Confident people know who they are.  They don’t have to defend themselves.  They understand their strengths and weaknesses utilizing both to their advantage.  These are the people who can laugh at themselves even during perceived times of stress.

Constructive Criticism vs. Projection

When it comes to criticism, it’s important to remember that half the stuff people say about you may hold some truth.  The other half is just noise.  Remain open minded and confident.  Look at the inventory of criticism before you and take stock.  If you notice a reoccurring pattern in the criticism, acknowledge it and be willing to change if necessary.  As for the rest, these are the people who are just revealing issues they have about their own lives.  Learn to recognize the difference.  Embrace yourself, be confident and stay strong!  Before you know it, you will own your life and be successful in whatever brings you fulfillment.

Do you consciously choose success or failure?  Share your thoughts below!

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