Mythology of Feminism: From College to Career

Mythology of Feminism from College to Career

Feminist, get over thyself! There’s never been another time in human history where women, particularly in Western countries, have had it so damned easy. The ever-growing mental illness, known as ‘liberal feminism’, has transformed the female consciousness into a twisted sense of self-proclaimed victimization. It stems from misleading data about wage gaps, the West’s supposed […]

The Clinton Files

Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist

The Clintons are perhaps one of the shadiest members of the political elite (next to the Bush family). Their scandals are so evident and abhorrent, yet they appear to be legally protected every step of the way. Who’s protecting this greedy and careless couple? How are they able to continue screwing over the American people? […]

What’s Wrong with Nation X?

Nation X

Let me start out by emphasizing that I do NOT consider myself a Republican or Democrat. What I seek is balance in all things. Without balance, nations and people crumble into chaos and eventually dust. Take a look at the United States today and what you see is an overburdened financial system, weak power grid, […]

The Illusion of Individuality


It’s time to explore the relationship between inner development and the many social and cultural factors that influence our everyday lives. This is uncomfortable for most because if forces us to embrace truth, confront the negative, and transform self. Lately, there have been many misconceptions about human rights, the promises of equality, and self-censorship. The […]

Prejudice is Natural

World Diversity & Prejudice

In general, people are often swayed by feelings of commonality, loyalty, pride, and patriotism towards their country and/or ethnic group. When we think about prejudice, we tend to think about stupid people doing stupid things. More truthfully, prejudice is natural, often rational, and even moral. Once we understand this, we’re in a better position to […]

Our Fear of Freedom

Fear of Freedom

The word “Freedom” is heavily used within our society. We seek to be free from constraints that interfere with our ability to make personal choices. Constraints can range from a child who feels trapped in school to the frustrated worker who feels shackled to their job. Each experience offers a limited sense of freedom that […]