Overcoming Daily Routine

Mindless Routine

Daily routines are the most common obstacles to living a fully conscious life.  For most people, there’s a false sense of comfort and safety associated with following daily habits and schedules.  Comfortable or not, routines occupy most hours throughout our day.  Why are routines an obstacle to living consciously?  Routine is a psychological foe and […]

Follow Your True Inner Voice

Follow Your True Inner Voice

There are times when it feels as though there are numerous voices within our head competing for attention.  It can be difficult to decide which one to listen to, particularly when their messages are conflicting or even a bit alluring.  One voice, however, is the speaker of truth.  Among the many inner voices, your true […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

Life Choices

Wouldn’t it be amazing and immensely helpful if we knew what our lives were going to be like before having to make any decision large or small?  Life would be like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.  As a kid, I used to ‘cheat’ while reading these books by looking ahead at the outcome of […]

Living In the Present Moment

Present Moment

Living within the present moment is the best way to ensure peace of mind.  However, many of us walk around with a distorted focus because our minds are constantly thinking about many things all at once.  We allow past and future concerns to dominate the present moment.  Quite often these thoughts focus on things that […]

From Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Most of us live between two realities.  The first is during our waking state.  The second is located within our dreams.  No doubt, many of us are able to do some remarkable things within our dreams.  Dreams are the place where magic happens.  We rarely experience fear or doubt while dreaming unless it’s for a […]

Divine Energy through Meditation

Divine Energy Meditation

Almost every religion in the world has a subset of devotees seeking enlightenment or communion with the divine.  Most have had to separate themselves from fundamentalist scripture and dogmatic study in order to escape ego and achieve this connection.  Once in a meditative state, a union with the divine becomes possible.  Many describe this state […]