Human Evolution & Energy Management

DysfunctionAs humanity continues to evolve during this pivotal time, our collective consciousness is going through a detox. If you’re not paying attention to the energy shifts happening within and around you, it’s easy to get pulled down into the muck of negativity. The key is to make your overall well-being a top priority. There are two important ways to maintain your energy and sanity. The first is to unplug (difficult for most) and the second is to consciously create states of joy (again, difficult for most).

Learn to Unplug

Thanks to today’s modern miracles of technology, it’s easy for us to stay connected to just about everything and everyone in our lives. Devices like smartphones literally put the world at our fingertips. While on one hand this provides convenience, cognitive overload has fast become a byproduct of our ever-expanding information age.

There’s only so much information the human brain can process in a day. Inability to focus, scattered thoughts, creative blocks, irritability, and mental fatigue are all common signs that you’ve reached your limit and it’s time to hit the refresh button – not metaphorically, but literally. Take a break and unplug! Research reveals that unplugging regularly helps to refresh tired neural networks and offers many other health benefits.

Create States of Joy

The feeling of joy has many levels. The baseline for joy is well-being. It’s simple… When you engage your mind, body and heart in practices that induce states of happiness and pleasure, your attracting force grows stronger. You feel happy and energized. When you choose to engage in thoughts and activities that deplete your sense of well-being, you weaken your attracting force. You feel unhappy and tired.

Consciously choosing activities that lift your energy can improve almost every aspect of your life. Think about things that make you feel energized. Do things that give you energy and make you feel good. You have vast amounts of energy available to you. Tap into them regularly regardless of what’s going on around you. It’s alright to put things on hold to rejuvenate yourself.

Release & Let Go

Be mindful of times when you feel that your well-being is dampened, flattened, or even suppressed. Counterbalance that experience by unplugging (seriously – turn off the smartphone and put it in a drawer) and doing something that replenishes your energy supply.

  • Take a long hot, relaxing bath (add candles, soft music, and aromatherapy for added touches)
  • Curl up in a comfy chair with a blanket and a good book
  • Take a long walk in nature
  • Pick up an old hobby – writing, painting / drawing, building / models, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Take up yoga or another form of focused endurance training
  • Meditate using a practice that works for you

Little by little, you’ll notice yourself relaxing and replenishing your energy supplies. Keep building upon your reserves to ensure continued well-being. When you take time to unplug and choose activities that bring you joy, you inoculate yourself against people and situations that can sometimes drag you down.

What are some ways that you take time for yourself to replenish your energy and find joy? Share your thoughts below!

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