Reality Check Wake Up Call

Reality Check Wake Up CallLadies and gentlemen, it’s time for a change. The world has changed (is changing), people’s perceptions have changed, I’ve changed, and a new era is being ushered in. In honor of this pivotal moment in human history, I’ve decided to modify the voice of this blog – to express myself without the typical polished veneer. My wish is to continue bringing high-quality content to readers across the globe, however, to more fully express the emotions of these topics.

Top 3 Concerns with Society

Let’s start by calling out just a few points of contention that I currently have with today’s Western society. The shit our society finds itself currently trapped in is primarily thanks to the confines of human ego and our perceived identities.

  1. Ego: Thanks to our mismanaged egos, the masses still seem ill-equipped to handle the profound and miraculous changes taking place on the planet. My advice… Settle down and get the fuck over it! Here are a few tips that will help put things into proper perspective.
    • These energy shifts do not give you a free pass to be an ass nor do they allow you to ignore the social graces
    • You’re not the only individual on the planet with needs and desires
    • The world, nay the universe, does not revolve around your narcissistic ass
    • Learn to tap into your rational mind (yes, you do have one) and be more mindful of other’s existence and needs
    • Learn to say ‘excuse me’ while passing others too closely, ‘please’ when asking for something, and ‘thank you’ after someone’s done something nice for you (regardless of whether or not it’s their job)
  2. Evolution: While I understand that everyone is on his or her own evolutionary path, and that the energies are shifting us into an alleged higher state of consciousness, most people simply suck ass. Here’s why:
    • They’re an asshole either by sheer choice (egotism) or their own protection (insecurity)
    • They’re too caught up in today’s sickness called ‘Identity Politics’ (see #3 below) – what’s driving the ‘Politically Correct’ (PC) movement
    • They’re self-proclaimed victims who shed any responsibility for their own thoughts and actions
      • This allows them to justify their lack of growth, productivity, and success
      • It gives many a reason to ask for free shit via ‘Entitlement Programs’ funded by the middle-class tax payer
  3. Identity Politics: We do love to self-identify as ‘things’ to better play victim to society and absolve ourselves of responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. I plan to rip the shit out of the following fucked up paradigms:
    • Gender: Feminist, get over thyself! There’s never been another time in human history where women, particularly in Western countries, have had it so damned easy. At the same time, men find themselves in a confusing world where it’s all too easy to be labeled a ‘sexist asshole’. I fully intend to expose the fraud that is ‘modern-day feminism’.
    • Race: For the love of all that’s divine… Are we really still here? From my view, these issues have gotten progressively worse – not better (thanks Obama-nation). It’s time we all stopped being pawns on the chessboard of human existence.
    • Multiculturalism (law enforced): The presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society. Because for all Western countries… It’s working so well for everyone.

This is, of course, a short list of the top three society concerns. Trust me! I’ll be addressing much more as the new year progresses. The point is to get everyone thinking again. We’ve all become mindless automatons – guided by the nose via mainstream media. As a result, we buy into identities that aren’t authentic to ourselves. It’s time to stop this insanity. Share your thoughts below.

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