Reality Check Wake Up Call

Reality Check - It's Time to Wake Up

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a change. The world has changed (is changing), people’s perceptions have changed, I’ve changed, and a new era is being ushered in. In honor of this pivotal moment in human history, I’ve decided to modify the voice of this blog – to express myself without the typical polished veneer. […]

Your Ego on Facebook

Facebook & Ego

Relentless status updaters… we all know at least one. You may even be one yourself. A recent study has concluded what many have already suspected. People who frequently post Facebook status updates about their relationships are insecure, while people who post about their gym sessions and healthy meals are narcissistic. This latest research was conducted […]

Ego Identification with Stuff

Shopping for Identity

Advertising executives fully understand how the human mind and ego work together.  In order to sell stuff people don’t really need, products are pitched as identity enhancers.  Ads help form associations within the mind between products and the perceived notion of an identity.  The ego needs to add distinction and status through its identification with […]

Ego’s Impact on Mind and Meditation

Mind & Meditation

Many people ask what the difference is between meditation and prayer.  Though both practices seek communion with the divine, there is a primary distinction between the two.  Prayer is often considered the act of talking to God while meditation is the art of listening to God.  Meditation is difficult for many because it requires the […]

Tune Out Ego During Low Energy Periods

Tune Out Ego During Low Energy Periods

We have all experienced times of low energy when it feels difficult to get through the days.  During these times of low energy, it’s easy for our egos to kick in and make us feel guilty – especially if we’re not being productive.  While some people take this ‘nagging’ as a positive signal to turn […]

Express Beliefs without Ego

Express Beliefs without Ego

There are times when we feel strongly compelled to defend our beliefs.  Often, this can make us react through strong emotions when approached by someone whose opinions differ from our own.  Our egos love to mix with these strong emotions and habitually drive us to argue and speak harshly to defend our positions rather than […]