Breaking the Chains of Habits

Breaking the Chains of Habits

Human consciousness is perhaps one of the greatest evolutionary achievements. But, as you will soon see, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Humans also have the ability to operate on automatic pilot, performing complex behaviors without any conscious thought at all. Tasks that seem initially complex can become second nature […]

Egoic Addictions

Egoic Addictions

Drugs and alcohol are not the only things a person can become addicted to.  Emotional states, personal habits, behaviors and even relationships can become the focus of addiction.  Egoic addictions occur when we don’t feel love or approval for ourselves.  We sometimes blame others or situations for making us ‘the way we are’.  But nothing […]

Addiction to Stress Part 4: Break the Cycle

Reduce Stress

In the last three segments of “Addition to Stress”, we discussed stress as a chemical reaction in the body.  The chemicals that cause us to experience stress can become addictive to many people, particularly workaholics.  They are so addicted to the adrenaline rush from stress that they gravitate towards high-pressure jobs and situations.  The emotional […]

Addiction to Stress Part 3: Workaholic vs. Alcoholic


There are many studies on the subject of stress.  Many estimate that about one-quarter of the population could be classified as “workaholic”, although there are varying degrees.  One version is the workaholic who is physically on vacation but mentally still at the office.  He may be playing catch with his daughter at the beach, but […]

Addiction to Stress Part 2: The Workaholic

Work Stress

When faced with a threatening situation, the body’s primitive fight or flight mechanism pumps out adrenaline that primes the body for action, raising the heart rate, tensing muscles and slowing digestion.  But when the threat is an impending layoff or demanding client, the state of alarm never dissipates.  This can raise the risk for high […]

Addiction to Stress Part 1: Vacations & Relaxation

Addiction to Stress

According to an survey of 1,530 respondents, only 53% of working Americans say they come back feeling rested and rejuvenated after a vacation.  More than 30% say they have trouble coping with work stress while they’re away.  Some try to cram in so much activity during their vacation, they come back more exhausted than […]