What is Egoic Living?

Simply put, Egoic Living is moving throughout life under the control of ego. When you live under this control, you forfeit your right and ability to make conscious decisions that put you on a path to creating the life you deserve. You become weak and fall victim to things like stress, disease, judgment, fear and doubt.

Through conscious living, you can recognize this trap and choose to rise above it. You become more aware and begin to move forward as a conscious creator of your life. Life becomes a joy in all areas including health, wellness, relationships, money and spirit.

How does the ego affect us?

Simply defined, the ego is nothing more than a tool.  Its purpose is to help you organize the various aspects of your personality.  Used properly, it gives you a sense of individuality and uniqueness thereby allowing yourself to function within this physical world.  The problem starts when you unconsciously base your entire existence on ego and its limitless, often futile, demands.

The minute ego escapes control, your consciousness falls under its leadership.  Many people are unaware that this has happened.  The ego can be very elusive and tricky.  It uses your emotions as fuel to maintain its control.  Staying aware is the first step to keeping the ego in service to you.

When a healthy relationship is established between yourself and ego, it’s a useful intermediary representing the whole self but not thinking that it is the whole self.  The ego is the self playfully pretending to be the separate entity called “I”.  Like an actor, the ego plays the roles that the world asks it to play in order to be part of the program.  In this way, the ego can function as the tool it was meant to be by enabling you to be in the world but not of it.

Is the ego bad?

Not at all – It’s a necessary part of you that contributes to continued learning, development and evolution.  Without it, you could not function in this physical world.  The trick is not falling prey to its control, obsessions and demands.  It’s knowing when to engage through ego and when not to.  By using the ego as a tool instead of basing your full identity on it, you take the first step towards true growth.

How do I learn to better control my ego?

You keep the ego in check by nurturing your awareness of who you really are.  With this awareness, the ego is free to serve without trying ineffectually to rule.  It is healthy to have ego, but like all things in life, ego functions best when it is in balance and harmony with your whole self.

By acknowledging and overcoming your own Egoic tendencies, you will be able to live the life you deserve.  You will trust yourself completely and not give into fear and doubt.  With true confidence, nothing and no one can control your destiny.  You will be free to create a life of pure fulfillment, joy, gratitude and love – a life that can have a profound, positive impact on others and the world.

How will this website help me?

The intention of this website is to help awaken you to the true nature of ego and the various roles it plays in everyday life.  Through conscious living, you begin to recognize and understand human nature.  You begin to realize just how much control the ego has over your life and how elusive it can be when turning control back over to the master – YOU!